Count on an Experienced Building Contractor at Marcope, LLC

For efficient & productive construction project management in Orlando, FL

If you're looking for project management companies in the Orlando, FL area, reach out to Marcope, LLC. Our team is equipped to tackle a wide range of construction project management services.

When you hire Marcope to assist with your project management, you can expect us to:

  • Offer on-site design and field assistance
  • Monitor project concepts and specifications
  • Develop a budget for your project
  • Ensure your project is in compliance with OSHA practices
  • Gather the required documentation needed for your project
  • Prep the construction site

Other project management companies don't have the experience or the resources needed to handle commercial construction projects of different sizes. Turn to Marcope when you want the job done right.

Let us handle the permitting for your project

Let us handle the permitting for your project

In addition to our construction project management services, we will handle any necessary permitting and paperwork. Our services include:

  • Submitting and picking up building and electrical permits
  • Providing zoning assistance and consultations
  • Revising and resubmitting permits, as needed
  • Requesting architectural and engineering changes, as needed

Get started on your commercial construction project in the Orlando, FL area right away, and let Marcope handle the permitting and project managing. Get a free estimate on our services by calling us at 407-816-9000 today.